The ​Ticker ® model TCR201 provides heart rhythm monitoring ECG signal.

Easy BNC connector hookup to oscilloscope enables true ECG display.



Heart rhythm monitor

Model TCR201


Shipping included

Main Features

  • Small, handheld, portable battery powered device


  • Provides true and continues heart rhythm display


  • Easy to operate


  • Electrodes included


  • The Ticker model TCR201 is used for research and evaluation by experimenters who wish to study ECG waveforms



1. Connect electrode's cables to the Ticker®

  • Black cable connector to RL

  • Red cable connector to RH

  • Yellow cable connector to LH


2. Connect BNC cable to signal connector of the Ticker® and to the oscilloscope


3. Connections to the body

  • Place the electrodes provided in the box* on your body (See image for locations)

  • RL to the right leg

  • RH to the right hand

  • LH to the left hand

* You can use an alternative any standard gel electrodes


4. Turn the Ticker® switch ON


5. You can now observe your ECG rhythm signals on the oscilloscope screen.

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